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[VID]1. Introduction and Probability Review.mp42014-12-19 12:48 234M 
[VID]2. More Review; The Bernoulli Process.mp42014-12-19 12:48 213M 
[VID]3. Law of Large Numbers, Convergence.mp42014-12-19 12:55 264M 
[VID]4. Poisson (the Perfect Arrival Process).mp42014-12-19 12:56 259M 
[VID]5. Poisson Combining and Splitting.mp42014-12-19 12:56 273M 
[VID]6. From Poisson to Markov.mp42014-12-19 12:57 277M 
[VID]7. Finite-state Markov Chains; The Matrix Approach-1.mp42014-12-19 12:57 158M 
[VID]8. Markov Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.mp42014-12-19 12:58 243M 
[VID]9. Markov Chains Rewards and Dynamic Programming.mp42014-12-19 12:58 136M 
[VID]10. Renewals and the Strong Law of Large Numbers.mp42014-12-19 12:49 279M 
[VID]11. Renewals_ Strong Law and Rewards.mp42014-12-19 12:49 229M 
[VID]12. Renewal Rewards, Stopping Trials, and Wald_s Inequality.mp42014-12-19 12:49 254M 
[VID]13. Little, M_G_1, Ensemble Averages.mp42014-12-19 12:50 238M 
[VID]14. Review.mp42014-12-19 12:50 239M 
[VID]15. The Last Renewal.mp42014-12-19 12:51 224M 
[VID]16. Renewals and Countable-state Markov.mp42014-12-19 12:51 261M 
[VID]17. Countable-state Markov Chains.mp42014-12-19 12:52 262M 
[VID]18. Countable-state Markov Chains and Processes.mp42014-12-19 12:52 246M 
[VID]19. Countable-state Markov Processes.mp42014-12-19 12:52 229M 
[VID]20. Markov Processes and Random Walks.mp42014-12-19 12:53 252M 
[VID]21. Hypothesis Testing and Random Walks.mp42014-12-19 12:53 290M 
[VID]22. Random Walks and Thresholds.mp42014-12-19 12:54 274M 
[VID]23. Martingales (Plain, Sub, and Super).mp42014-12-19 12:54 235M 
[VID]24. Martingales_ Stopping and Converging.mp42014-12-19 12:55 253M 

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